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prosecution under conservation of habitats legislation. will the prime minister meet his new environment secretary and take away that threat of prosecution, so that drainage dykes that were built and dug to protect property can do their job? >> as someone who represents a constituency that has frequently been subject to very bad flooding, i know how many frustrations there can be in local communities when things that need to be done do not get done quickly enough. sometimes that is the fault of different agencies, sometimes that of landowners, sometimes that of local authorities. all sorts of issues have to be crunched through, but i am sure that the environment secretary will have listened closely to what my honorable friend said. >> will the prime minister confirm, with no ifs or buts, that there will be no third runway at heathrow airport while he leads his party? >> let me say clearly that, while i believe that we need to establish a form of review that will bring parties together and make a decision about airport capacity, i will not break my manifesto pledge.
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>> a letter from and meeting with the secretary of state for defence has confirmed that the 2nd battalion the royal regiment of fusiliers is the only battalion that should not have been cut on military grounds. what did for 2rf was the additional criterion that regimental losses be capped at one battalion, thus saving more poorly recruited scottish battalions ahead of a scottish referendum. will the prime minister kindly meet me and other mp's from across the house to discuss the issue? >> i am happy to arrange a meeting between my honorable friend, the defence secretary and other interested members. it is right for the army to change in its structurenot in -t in its overall size, with 82,000 regular soldiers and 30,000 territorials, the army's overall size will not change. it was and is difficult to do that in a way that respects regimental traditions, cap badges and issues that i know
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are very dear to a number of honorable members. however, it is important that we do that across the united kingdom. that is what the government set out to do, but i am happy to arrange that meeting. >> you have been watching prime minister's questions from the house of commons. question time airs live on c- span-2 every wednesday at 7:00 a.m. eastern. and again on sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific on c-span. you can watch any time at c- and you can find videos of past prime ministers questions and other programs. in four weeks, the first of the presidential debates, live on c- span, c-span radio end c- watch and engage. next, republican vice- presidential candidate paul ryan in nevada and vice president
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biden campaigning in ohio. at 11:00 p.m., "q&a" with colbert king of "the washington post". . . and to look ahead to what can be. now is the time to restore the promise of america. many americans have given up on this president. but they have not given up. not on themselves. not on each other. what is needed is not complicated or profound.
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what america needs is jobs. but lots of jobs. >> know this, america. our problems cannot be solved. the path we offer may be harder, but it leads to a better place. i am asking you to choose that future. i am asking you to rally for your country. energy, education, national security and the deficit. more jobs, more opportunity and rebuild the economy on a stronger foundation. that is why i am running for a second term as the president of the united states. >> find any speech from the democratic or republican conventions on line at the c-
9:35 pm video library. >> paul ryan campaign to in the battleground state of nevada on friday. she talked about a new trade policy. utilizing domestic energy resources. this is about 20 minutes. ♪ >> hey, everybody. how're you doing over there? hello. wow. look at you all. man. it is so great to see you. thank you so much for coming out. i love you, too, man. thank you for coming out and
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stand in line. i appreciate it. i want to thank you for something else. thank you for those electoral votes and thank you for making mitt romney the next president of the united states. we have got a job to do, friends. and you know what? we have a lot of people who need jobs. and we have a big choice ahead of us. the question is, are we going to stick with four more years of the same? the same path? no. are we going to have a country in debt, doubt, and decline? or are we going to do what we need to do to get people back to work, to fix the mess in washington, and to get this country back on the right track. [applause]
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we want to earn your support. we want to deserve a victory. here is the problem. president obama and too many politicians like him in washington, they are more worried about their next election than they are worried about the next generation. [applause] we need leadership. you have mark here. that man is a great leader. send him back city to help us fix the mess in washington. we have entrepreneurs in this country that built this country. by the way, john phillips, we are here at your business. you know what? you build this business. [applause] the government does not get the credit for that. you know, the president gave a big speech last night. well, just hear me out. look.
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president obama is not a bad guy. no. president obama is not a bad guy. he is good at giving great speeches. he is just really bad at creating jobs. [applause] here is the problem. when you think that the road to success and prosperity is more borrowing, more spending, more taxing, off more regulating, a government-centered society with a government-run economy, these are the kinds of results that we get. if we want the next four years to be any different than the last four years, which need a different president. [applause] now, four years ago, president obama said if you do not have a record to run on, then you pay your opponent as someone that people should run from.
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guess what? that is exactly what he is doing today. so, let's take a look at where we are. we got some pretty disappointing news just today. you know, we learned today that for every person who got a job, nearly four people stop looking for a job. they gave up. we cannot keep doing this. our economy needs to correct just 150,000 jobs every month just to keep up with the growth of our population. friends, this is not an economic recovery. this is nowhere close to an economic recovery. we need a new president and we need a real economic recovery. [applause] the president gave us this big stimulus package right when he got elected. he said, if we passed stimulus,
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and employment will never get above 8%. we just learned today that it has been above 8% for 43 months. in nevada? 10%. look at the foreclosure rates. look at the unemployment rates. look at the facts that over the last four years, family household income has gone down $4,000. look at the fact that under the president's failed leadership, our credit downgrading -- excuse me, our credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in our nation's history. look at the fact that 23 million americans are struggling to find work in america today. look at the fact that nearly one in six americans today are living in poverty. this is the highest poverty rate we've had in a generation. it is not working.
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we have a plan to fix this. that is what the romney-ryan plan for a stronger middle-class is all about. let me tell you the five basic things that we will get to work right away when we win this race. number one, in this state and across this country, we have lots of energy and lots of minerals. let's use that energy and create jobs. [applause] keystone pipeline. we can create a loss of jobs and lowered the price of our gas, lower the diesel costs. number 2, there are a lot of americans in between work. i have a lot of bodies in a row with lost their jobs to a big factor we had in our home town. they're in their 40's or their 50's. if they are in-between. if you need to have skills and
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an education system so people who are stuck in a rut and get back to school, for and get back to a path of prosperity's of the temple themselves up and reach that horizon they are shooting for. that is critical. number 3, we need to make more things in america. we need to grow more things in america. we need to sell them overseas. we to make sure that when countries cheat, we hold them to account. this is something near and dear to my heart i have been working on a long time. it is not that complicated. we have got to stop spending money we do not have. [applause] this idea of printing and borrowing is getting out of control. it is a huge cloud over our economy. president obama give this cow $1
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trillion budget as far as the eye could see. no balanced budgets. for $1 trillion budget spirit united states senate. have you as her this guy named harry reid in the senate? i take that as a yes. they have not bothered to pass a budget in three years. we have this law that says every year congress, by april 15 which is a tax day for every american, it is a tax day for congress. haven't not doing it for three years. this is not governing. this is kicking in the can. this is blaming other people. this is not responsibility. we have got to get this budget under control or else we will end up just like europe. if you practic european economics, you get european results. the last thing, guess what. most of our jobs, they come
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from businesses like this. they come from successful small businesses. we need to champion small businesses. you know what? when people are successful in businesses, that is a good thing. that is nothing to be ashamed of. that is a good thing. take a look at the peter built trucks, parts, and equipment company. the 67 employees here. this business pays their taxes as individuals. here is what that means. president obama is promising -- he already passed the law, that come january, the tax rates on these kinds of successful businesses goes above a 40%. this tax increase he is talking about, it pays for 8% of its proposed deficit spending. you know what? overseas, which where i come
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from in wisconsin means lake superior, countries like canada are lowering the tax on their businesses. the lord it to 15% and barack obama wanted to go above 40%. you do not create jobs that way. you cannot create prosperity that way. guess what? this requires leadership. our job is to give you a clear choice. our job is to show you how we're going to get out of this ditch. how we're going to grow this economy and get out of this rut. our job is to provide the leadership you deserve some you have a very clear choice of two futures. guess what? the moment and the men have met so well. that is why i am so proud to stand with a man like mitt romney. [applause]
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this is a man who in everything in his life spells leadership. he is a decent man. a good man. an honest man. a man of faith. a man of integrity, achievements. you remember -- thank you. he likes you, too. do you remember the olympics in 1999? the waste, corruption, the bloated spending? that sounds kind of familiar today, doesn't it? they called mitt romney, he dropped everything he was doing, and he turned the olympics around and he made us proud. look what he did in business. you know what? i think it is a good thing we have a man who knows what it takes to be successful in business in the white house.
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he created nearly tens of thousands of jobs. he started businesses. he turned around struggling businesses with an astounding degree of success. he knows firsthand that if you have a small business, you actually did build that small business. [applause] and if you want to see a good track record of comparison, look at what he did when he was just governor of massachusetts. when he was governor of massachusetts, he made sure that they actually cut spending. he worked with democrats who are 87% of the legislature he served with to balance the budget without raising taxes. [applause] household incomes went up. unemployment went down. the credit rating increase when he was governor of massachusetts. that is basically the opposite
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of what we have in the last four years of barack obama. the president can give lots of speeches. he can say a lot of beautiful things. but he cannot tell you that we are better off. that is the difference. look. this race is not just about the borrowing and the printing and the spending and the regulating and all that has done to suppress economic growth, to deny opportunity, to get us where we are. this is not just about jobs or higher take-home pay. this is bigger than that. i think we all know this. this election is one of the most important elections we have had. it does not matter what generation you come from. this is the most important election in your generation. it really goes down to what kind of people do we want to be? what kind of country do we want to have?
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you know, we have these principles. they are timeless principles. our founding principles. liberty. freedom. if free enterprise. self-determination. government by consent of the government which means the government works for us and not the other way of around. [applause] these principles matter. if we apply these principles, we fix the problem. if we rejected them, we become europe. here is the story. this is more than just economics. it is the identity of our country. that is what is so unique about america. america is not just nevada. it is not just wisconsin. america is an idea. it is the only country founded on an idea. that idea is very precious. look.
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our founders and said it better than anybody else can. and sometimes even presidents need reminding of this fact. our rights come from nature and god and not some government. [applause] our founders created it and every generation sense, our veterans preserve it and we thank them for that. [applause] you know, the other day in a charlotte they tried to remove god from their entire platform. they got caught and put it back in. there were against god before there were for him. look. this is what we are committing to you. we want to earn this election. we want to deserve a victory so
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that we have the mandates and the moral authority to fix this mess. here is what we are going to do. we are not going to deduct these tough issues. we are now going to kick the can down the road. we're going to lead. we will get spending under control. we will get the economy going and we are going to take responsibility. [applause] we are not going to spend four years bringing -- for years blaming other people. we're going to fix these problems. and we are not going to try to transform this country into something it was never intended to be. [applause] we will not replace our founding principles. we will reapply our founding principles.
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[applause] you know this. you have a lot of power in your hands. nevada, as you know, and you are used to this. what does that mean? it means you have a very special responsibility. lots of people around the country are depending on you. you also have a great opportunity. because if we meet this moment for what it is, we can get ourselves back on the right track. we can make america great again. we can get back on the path to prosperity. we can get the growth we need, the opportunities we need, we can get the society where our kids inherit a debt-free nation and a promising future. this is up to you, nevada. and here is what i simply want to say. we can do this. we can do this.
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it is not too late to turn things around. with your help, we will get this done. we will turn this thing a down. to get this done. we need your help. thank you very much, reno. thank you very much, nevada. we appreciate everybody. god bless you all. thank you for coming out. [applause] ♪ [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] tomorrow, the national press foundation discusses the fiscal cliff.
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vice-president biden spoke at this rally in portsmouth. this is half an hour. >> ♪ we take care of our own. we take care of our own. ♪ >> i tell you, it is great to be here. he said the closer we got, the closer we are getting to heaven. [applause] i'd tell you what. wasn't this guy magnificent at the convention? [applause] until he spoke, i did not know what romney was going to do to santa claus. [laughter]
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no, i tell you what. this guide, this guy is amazing. what a difference government makes. and melanie, thank you for this introduction. everyone stood up on sunday morning and said, i have to introduce the vice president in front of all those cameras. you are gracious and i appreciate all of your hard work not just today, but what you have been doing for us for a long time now. thank you very much. [applause] and if my dad were still around, he would say, please excuse my back. and by the way, it is great to be at a high school or the have great athletes and really bright students, i tell you. you guys are something else. i understand you have some
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great ball clubs, but your basketball team went to the finals two years in a row? well. and your students were finalists? you guys are something else. it is usually one or the other, but you have got both. it is great to be here. ted has been my friend for a long time. he has sort of been my diet through ohio. a delaware senator all my life until i became vice president. my home is where i was born and raised early on. this is kind of like going home. seriously. if you know northeast pennsylvania, you would not be surprised. it is not a whole lot different than southern ohio or, actually, a lot of places and ohio.
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i feel really comfortable here. i feel like i will plan on coming back a lot. you know, as ted pointed out in his convention speech, and this is not hyperbole. as he pointed out, he said this country faces the starkest choice for president of united states it has in at least my lifetime. that means and all of your lifetimes. but for all of the talks, for all the talk governor romney and congressman ryan have engaged in, it cannot have the courage -- at least not yet, to actually touch with their policies for this nation really are. it will shock you. i have the courage to tell you this morning with their policies are. [laughter] because, look, guys. it is amazing. if you listen, they talk so much about how much they care about
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medicare. you'd think it was a republican idea the way they talk about it. you think if republicans supported it, with all their coming, they talk about it. they do it sincerely. the talk about how sincerely want to preserve it and protect the benefits of all those people, particularly guaranteeing all those people on medicare now. that nothing will change. if you listen to them these days, you would think that's it had been a republican plan all along. that is what they say. that is what they exude. but let me tell you what they do not tell you. these are facts. they do not tell you that their plan would immediately cut benefits for 30 million seniors. in wellness visits, and prescription drugs -- it would cut benefits immediately for those on medicare right now. what they do not tell you is
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that what they are proposing would actually cause the medicare trust fund that they want to protect -- remember? it would cause the trust fund to run out of money by 2016. that is a fact. their plan would cause it to run out of money by 2016. most important of all, what they do not tell you, is there not for preserving medicare in the first place. i'm not making the usual argument with republicans, remember, with newt gingrich and the blind. they have a different plan. the have a fundamentally different plan. it is called a voucher care. i call it a voucher care. it is called the vouchers. by the, here is what is going to be. a lot of people say, they hear public official stand up and the other guy thinks this and the other debt things that. they stand up and say, i do not know. but let me tell you what they are for, for real.
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they have laid it out. they voted for these kinds of things in the republican house of representatives. here is what they talk about. the talk about giving your mom a voucher. a coupon that is worth a certain amount of money. they say, you go out there, in the insurance market, and to bargain for the best deal you can get. seriously. this is not a joke. and, if it turns out that you want to stay in medicare, you can. you can bargain and get back in medicare. but if the amount of money we give you is less to me that if you get now, you have to make up the difference, mom. yet to make up the difference. which first plan, everybody got to look at and study and went through the house by the republicans, the experts said, that would cost mahlmann extra $6,400 a year out of her pocket. no one knows exactly what this new plan would cost, but the
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same principle. you're out of medicare and to get to buy back into it or some other plan and, do not worry, the market will take care of you. [laughter] all right. and they talk so much about the national debt. the talk about the great urgency to bring it under control. the need to act now. we agree. we absolutely agree. let me tell you what they did not tell you. not once did they tell you that today, meaning romney, ryan, the republican congress, and i negotiate with the republican congress -- off not once for any of the outside plans, the experts plan, the thing they call simpson-bowles, not once, if it required even $1 or $0.10 in additional taxes, they
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rejected every single plan put forward. not once. ladies and gentlemen, the urgency. these two men think it can leave the country over the next four years. they have a fundamentally different version of the visions of what america should look like. they have a completely different value said. look. president obama and governor romney are both great husbands and great fathers. but that is where the similarity ends. i mean it. do not confuse that. that is where the similarity ends. governor romney for example, a lot of you heard about the global economy. you hear about the global economy. is israel. but he thinks in a global economy if it doesn't much
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matter where an american company puts their money or where they create jobs. over the past few days, i have been here in how ohio. i turn on the television in the morning or late at night. i see this at they are running in black-and-white on tv with president obama -- i am paraphrasing. it says, president obama wants to ship your jobs to china. romney is going to get tough on china. he will bring jobs back to ohio and so on. china? creating jobs? i mean, incredible. absolutely incredible. if it wasn't so important, it would be humorous. this comes from a man in the national press as a pioneer of outsourcing jobs from ohio to other places.
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this man, who said that if the federal government got involved with helping the automobile industry restructure, general motors would be the walking dead. this man who criticize the president and me for being protectionists, when we stood up to china and said, to not deal in fairly with our tire manufacturers. guess what? by the way. we won. he called us protectionists for enforcing trade agreements. they are making more tires here in america. more people are working in america. and this guy runs an ad like he is running? another thing the governor did not tell you about.
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he did not tell you about his -- but i will. here is what he proposes. he proposes a new tax. he will not tell about his taxes, but he proposes a new tax relief, a new tax proposal called territorial taxation. it that means for american corporations, if they invest abroad and anywhere else in the world, whatever profits they make, they never have to pay any u.s. taxes on net profit. they just pay the taxes in that country. an expert looked at that and said, that will create jobs. 800,000 jobs in china, india, singapore. look. this guy is criticizing my president for not standing up to china?
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for not creating jobs here? how does he think those jobs got back here? folks, look. notify the most fascinating? when i found most fascinating was in the governor's acceptance speech, which he made a good speech. he made a firm commitment. one of the few of firm commitments i have heard him make -- it was firm. [applause] he said, remember this. he said, i make a commitment that i, as president, will go on a jobs tour but with all his support for outsourcing, it will have to be a foreign trip. first thing he will do is have to go abroad. [applause] of jobs to work. you know. look, folks. the president and governor romney have very different
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views on the importance of where jobs are created. my president, your president knows that creating jobs here in america, keeping jobs here in america off and bring jobs back to america, that is the president of united states is job. [applause] but we talked about this. the thing we both find most fascinating about the republican convention is how they discovered the middle class. they discovered there is a middle-class. they talked about the middle class and middle-class values. there went on and on. i tell you. it warms my heart. and then they talked about what they value. they talked about what they value. my dad, and god love him, he had an expression.
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he would seriously always go, don't tell me what you value. show me your budget. all tell you what you value. do not tell me what you value. shamir budget and i will tell you what you value. you say you value education? so on. well, let's take a look at romney's budget. let's take a look at what it does. what it values. medicare. massive cuts. medicaid, excuse me. massive cuts. 19 million people off of their health care. 1 million seniors. 70% of those seniors will be kicked off of medicaid who are in nursing homes. that is why they are there. that is how they're able to be there. what are we going to do?
10:09 pm
all those folks. a lot of them are our moms and dads. they come from middle-class families. even worse, some of them have no families and nowhere to go. what is going to happen to them? massive cuts in social security. if you're in your 40's, you're getting $2,700 less than you get now. if you're in your 20's, you get $4,700 less in social security. massive cuts in education. early education. eliminating the $2,500 tax credit for middle-class families who are struggling to keep their kids in college. gets rid of it. pell grants. cuts for over 9 million working kids who are qualified for being in college and have an interest in getting a degree to build america. 9 million of them every year.
10:10 pm
gaudily knows how many of them will have to drop out. it is about nickels and dimes. it is a close call for these kids to be able to stay in school. where they do in all this? i could go on. it is because they need to, folks. because they need to pay for the massive tax cuts they want to keep and the new ones they are proposing for the very wealthy. look. let me give you a couple of examples. i not want to keep you standing. $500 billion of maintaining what they call the bush tax cuts -- you know, we always talk about the bush tax cuts. $500 billion for maintaining that for the wealthy. it will cost $1 trillion for the next 10 years. but $500 billion of that money goes to 120,000 american families. $50 trillion goes to -- for
10:11 pm
120,000 american families. ladies and gentleman, on top of that,, this is where the phrase that i think president clinton caused him to say, you know, folks, this is the last administration on steroids. by the way. the have a brand new proposal. they want to cut taxes by another $250,000 a year on top of the $0.50 trillion. this is real. i know will not surprise you, but this is a very big price tag. when you give those massive tax cuts to the wealthy, and violets, those are good decent people. did not ask for this. they are as patriotic as the rest of america is. i did you serve them, they say
10:12 pm
they don't need it, although i have no proof of that. there are decent people. giving these massive tax cuts to the wealthy, what happens? you have to make it up somewhere. you have it. guess who. you. middle class americans. there is a nonpartisan organization that goes out there of all the campaigns put together. that does a survey of what does it really mean economically. this outfit is called the tax policy center. they examined romney's tax plans. here is what they concluded. taxes on middle-class people will go up $2,000 a year. $2,000 a year. ladies and gentlemen, just to give an additional tax break to families who do not need it. $2,000 makes a difference.
10:13 pm
it is about whether or not you compare your automobile insurance. it is about if you keep your kids in school. it is about what you can eat for dinner. $2,000 matters. $250,000 doesn't matter to anybody who is making $8 million. we have seen this movie before. how does it end? with the recession of 2008. if we know the way to create jobs is the old-fashioned way. from the middle out, not from the top down. [applause] let me tell you what our plan is. our plan is to focus first on education. 100,000 new math and science teachers over the next 10 years off to equip our generation to compete. 2 million workers learning new skills for a new economy through the community college movement. 1 million new manufacturing jobs in the next four years.
10:14 pm
if cuts oil imports by half in 2020. investing in clean for renewable energy, wind, solar. tens of thousands of jobs. 600,000 new jobs for better use of our resources. real and fair enforcement of our trade laws. creating a level playing field so it can export to the world what the world wants. products stamped, made in america. because they want those products. [applause] and another stamp saying made in ohio. ending the war in afghanistan just like we did and iraq. and using that money to repair our roads, our bridges, our schools. [applause]
10:15 pm
that alone will create hundreds of thousands of jobs. invest here at home. leeson's own, it is simple. unlike the republican party, and by the way. this is not your father's republican party. as a matter of fact, this is an even mitt romney's father's republican party. seriously, it is not. i worked with republicans in my career. they're not bad guys. this is a different breed of cat. folks, unlike them, we see a future for everyone, rich and poor, does their part and has a part. we see a future. barack and i have committed this to our core where our granddaughters and daughters have every single opportunity that our grandsons have.
10:16 pm
where social security is protected, where we promote the private sector and not the privileged sector. we see a future where americans leave not only by the example of her power, by the power of for example. a future because we must guarantee a future where we keep the only truly sacred obligation we have as a nation. we only have one truly, sacred obligation. that is to care for those who we sent to war and care for those who come home from war. folks, let me ask you. how many of you, like me, had a son or daughter who went to afghanistan. how many of you know somebody. how many of you know somebody in the military?
10:17 pm
you all know. you all know. we owe these young women and men an incredible debt. we know these families an incredible debt. we owe an enormous debt that we can never play to the families of those 6473 fallen heroes. 49,746 wounded. thousands. thousands critically wounded who are going to need our best medical care for the rest of their lives. those of you men and women who fought in vietnam. 70% of those wounded in iraq and afghanistan, had they been wounded in vietnam would have died.
10:18 pm
but because of the golden hour, because of the breakthroughs, they are alive. but, i'd visit their hospitals all over the world -- all over the world. they can make it. there are tough. but ladies and gentleman, we cannot forget. we cannot ever forget this sacrifice. we always have to keep them in our care. you know, there is a famous expression. they also serve those who stand and wait. i watched jill every morning. she is a teacher. she is having her coffee. she always fixes it over the sink. she is in prayer every single morning for those people who are deployed. 5, 10 times a day, it just
10:19 pm
flashes through your mind. folks, we owe so much. this is going to go down as the 9/11 generation, as the second greatest generation in the history of this country. [applause] folks, you know, folks. you know this country. all of you. all of you have been through an awful lot in the last four years. but the incredible thing is you did not lose faith. you did what americans always do. you fought back. you did not give up. you know as well as i do that there is simply no quit in america. we are coming back. ladies and gentlemen, when i hear romney-ryan talk about the culture of dependency, the decline in america, i do not recognize the country they are talking about.
10:20 pm
said it is our i live. it is not the people i know. i do know one thing. they are wrong. they are dead wrong. america is not in decline. if america is coming back. we're going forward. it is because of you. i have news for governor romney and congressman ryan. south gentleman, it is never, never, never been a good bet to bet against the american people. ladies and gentleman, caught bless you all and may god protect our troops. thank you so much. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] ♪ ♪ ♪
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the brookings institution hosts a form what tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern. then live at 3:00 p.m. beginning institute --
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journal.ashington >> host: let's talk about this reported debt relief to egypt. will it happen? guest: i think it will likely happen. when? within the next week. since february 2011, the problem has been at the united states wants to provide debt relief. not as a right off. half of it would be budget relief. the other half would be money for things like infrastructure, job creation.
10:24 pm
the united states says we are providing this release. -- relief host: the transition to democracy has not been an easy one. how is it going? guest: no transitions to democracy are ever easy. he ruled for 30 years. the transition has been a difficult one. it has been bumpy. at this point there is the first civilian elected president. he comes from the muslim brotherhood. there is no parliament. it was dissolved.
10:25 pm
there is no constitution yet. assembly is writing the constitution. there are a lot of unknowns. the new president has done things that raise questions about his commitment to a more democratic system there. there have been pressures on journalists. questions about women's rights. there remain a lot of questions. the continued to remain questions. they are engaged in a broad national debate. on what kind of government that wants. host: the first foreign trip by
10:26 pm
the president was not to the u.s.. guest: this was a signal to the part of the egyptians that it wants to signal a more independent foreign policy. the former narratives of aligned closely with the united states. they want to pursue a multifaceted policy. like china and india. he also traveled to brazil. -- he will also travel to brazil. they want to demonstrate their independence from the united states. host: what will the country look
10:27 pm
like in five to 10 years? guest: the transition will take a number of years. at least five years. tremendous amount of uncertainty. there obie and stability. -- there will be instability. lot of agreement on the way forward. economic daystter ahead. that will help the transition period in terms of foreign policy, the relationship will be added states will remain a strong one. they will pursue a policy that is different from the united states. we will see some instances of that. he said some good things while he was there.
10:28 pm
he criticized the student president. he did say some good things. it is to his benefit. is appreciated and other places. new members of the government's will want to hold to the united states more responsible. host: our guest is steve cook. some news of the morning. there has been a civil war in syria. how serious is it? what can the u.s. do?
10:29 pm
guest: i did not think that the civil war is news. it has been a civil war for a long time. it is an unfair fight. it was forced upon them by the regime. their use of overall force left them with those -- no choice but to respond. many people will die. there was a time where the united states could intervene in a constructive way. now it is an all-out civil war. refugees are amassing in turkey, jordan, lebanon. this will go on for a long time. it is likely that the factions
10:30 pm
will fight it out. it may be a and situations unfortunately that we missed out. host: you're saying it is not a question of if or when? guest: it has been if or when for a long time now. host: he is saying he will meet with him after he steps down. host: people have predicting boss been predicting this fall for a year now. people are willing to pull a trigger on his behalf. i do not think -- it will be a long time before someone can claim control and propose their -- impose a political will. host: what are the options for the u.s.?
10:31 pm
guest: there not boston does not seem to be many options. -- there does not seem any -- to be many options. the u.s. decided that it was too complicated a mission. it is too difficult a mission. appetite for it among the american public or nato allies. they had to find a diplomatic solution. the syrian opposition is fractured. it was clear that all of his incentives were to fight on. at the beginning of 2012, only
10:32 pm
three or 4000 people had died. many more are likely to die. host: let the gopac to the $1 billion in debt assistance. it is part of the issue. what is egypt's financial situation? how is the economy? guest: they are in a very bad financial situation. they have burned through about half or a little more of their foreign-currency reserves. and paying for subsidies, fuel
10:33 pm
and foodstuffs that many egyptians rely on to survive. this includes the eve remittances from egyptians working abroad. certainly, tourism has suffered dramatically. i am someone who goes back and forth to egypt quite often. there are no tourists in egypt. there are plenty of people like me. millions of the egyptian tourists come to see the antiquities of egypt and the experience of this great civilization. they are just not there. so, egypt is in desperate need to reach some kind of deal. a couple weeks ago, they said their work $40 billion in investment. this is largely signaling to the international community that
10:34 pm
egypt is a safe haven. then there's the international monetary fund. the egyptian president has requested $1.4 billion from the international monetary fund, but it is strictly politically. the international monetary fund is not popular in egypt. it is blamed, along with american administrations, for being the authors of economic reforms that president mubarak undertook that essentially impoverished the country. they are very concerned about devaluation of their currency, the removal of subsidies that, as i said, help egyptians survive. there is a concern about foreign domination. the imf is seen as another in a succession of foreigners who have come in and told egypt
10:35 pm
what to do with its economy. host: good morning. thank you for waiting. caller: my question is how the united states senate for given egypt of the $7 billion loan -- now, today, as of today, we have a new president there in egypt. i was born there, but i was raised in this country. this gives me a more open opportunity to understand what the middle east people cannot understand. i have a question. even though my wife was a supporter of anwar sadat, i was against him for going against
10:36 pm
jerusalem, because that is an occupied country of palestine. the current situation is the arab countries have to be united as one because they are all mediterranean, mediterranean greeks and mediterranean battalions, and so forth. all of them have great food, great cultures. -- mediterranean italians. we are changing that to a group of hateful people with religious codes. i understand what that is and i do not appreciate it. host: we will stop you on that point. thank you for calling. steve cook? guest: i think what the caller is getting at is with the uprises and changes in the middle east, the government is
10:37 pm
not going to be peaceful. the government is going to create instability in the region. i do not think that is necessarily a foregone conclusion at all. certainly, there is reason to be concerned from the perspective of the united states in its foreign policy or the perspective of israel for what it will mean for foreign policy or israeli security. at the same time, it is not a foregone conclusion, as you could see yesterday in sanaa, the egyptian forces undertaking what they call operation sanaa to establish some security. it was very good coordination between egyptian and israeli armed forces.
10:38 pm
this does not necessarily mean we will see instability in the region. host: to go back to our first question, given the economy and the war, why would egypt ever try to overstep its bounds with the u.s.? did it do that? guest: i do not think the egyptians are interested in overstepping their bounds. nor do i think that they have. i do think they are interested in projecting an image that is independent of the united states in policy. that is making it more clear that in addition to coming to the united states, president morsi is going to seek economic relations with the indians, others. there is the economic imperative in that. but it shows the egyptian people that things have changed since the uprising with his election.
10:39 pm
host: we are speaking with steve cook, the council on foreign relations. caller: as the other caller said, in coming from the same part of the world. 57 years or more, actually, we supported israel just like an international bully. we have spent millions of dollars supporting a country that never appreciates what we are doing for it. and they never honored the way we were treated. all of them actually could lead us into very peaceful countries have now -- we are talking about iran. ok? which i am from iran, too.
10:40 pm
it is just a disagreement or conflict between two and governments. iran, israel, and america. when you say iran or iranian, you include people, too. host: thank you. guest: the caller is talking about one of the most difficult policy decisions facing the obama administration and possibly the next administration, whether it is president obama or governor romney, and that is the iranian nuclear challenge. as the caller rightly points out, israel has benefited from a significant amount of american aid over many, many years. but it is concerned, and i think quite rightly, about what an iranian nuclear weapon would mean for their own security. is a question of the wisdom of an attack on the iranian nuclear facilities, whether this would deal a blow to the iranians.
10:41 pm
certainly, it would delay it significantly. or wooded accelerate the program, and what would it do -- or would its accelerated program, and what would it do to the iranian regime? in the policy communities around those two countries -- i do not think anybody has lost sight of the fact that the iranians are bold as well. they, too, have their own view of their own security. if you look at it in a purely objective manner, iran has a strategic interest in developing nuclear technology. they feel they are surrounded by the united states and hostile neighbors. if they look at the north korean experience, it is a lesson to be learned about what happens if
10:42 pm
you do proliferate nuclear weapons. i think it is a debate that will continue. quite frankly, i am pessimistic about a diplomatic deal. united states and iran are very far apart on what each can minimally give to the other. that does not necessarily think -- mean i think that there should be an military strike on iran. but there is contention around iran from nuclear program. host: steve cook got his doctorate from the university of pennsylvania. we have this question -- guest: it is an interesting question. the council was of the military and spoke in the name of the military. but there is a difference.
10:43 pm
i think over the course of 18 months, the senior leadership of the supreme council, the way in which they handled the transition deeply affected the way in which other egyptians viewed those two events. that is separate from the military. and we see egyptians holding in very heart -- high regard as defenders of the chips sovereignty -- egypt's sovereignty, the crossing of the suez canal, the war with egypt, the greatest modern military achievement is something that remain sacred to many in egypt. and it restores egyptian honor after 1967. there is a separation between the two. i think the reason why the younger second rung of officers was willing to ultimately pushed out in cooperation with
10:44 pm
president morsi was because there was concern that the actions were affecting the military threat large. host: our next call is from seattle, washington. good morning. caller: good morning. oh, my goodness. i am just curious in the long run if the people in egypt have so much resource-wise, if without its flaws -- islamism or americanism, and they make a life for themselves? or are we doomed to be guided by some sort of ism? guest: it is a great question. if you look at the uprising, it was about many things. but basically, it was about dignity and national empowerment. one of the things the
10:45 pm
protesters were chanting at critical moments of the uprising was "hold of your head. you are egyptian." and think that is a motivating factor for people to come out and demand change. they wanted dignity. one of the goals was egyptians who build egypt themselves, develop a new system of government. president obama gave a very big speech about the arab spring in may 2011. virtually no egyptians paid attention to it. they have not paid attention to the issue of debt repayment because many want to pursue a new politics, free of foreign interference.
10:46 pm
host: $18 billion to invest in egypt. is it a good investment? guest: i think it is a good investment. they plan to invest in the energy sector as well as the resource sector. certainly in the resource sector, it will be a boon. egypt has a lot to offer in terms of the energy sector. not that it does not have its own resources. but the suez canal -- 10% of global trade goes through the suez canal. it is absolutely a terrific investment. it is an investment. it is not an imf loan. it is not an american lung. it is an investment in the country. that is what egyptians want. this $18 billion -- and additional investment comes to
10:47 pm
egypt, i think egypt can be very successful. host: for those who see the images of a tahrir square, for americans going to egypt, how safe is it for them? guest: it is very safe. tahrir square is once again a traffic circle. is a great time to go. you will have the pyramids all to yourself. the egyptians are certainly wonderful and welcoming. they want foreign tourists back in their country. host: on the status of president mubarak, where is he? what is his health? guest: he has been declared dead any number of times over the last few months.
10:48 pm
he is in the present, which is ironic because many of his opponents were in the prison for many, many years. he remains in the prison hospital. host: what did he flee the country? why did he not seek asylum somewhere else before being captured? guest: i think president mubarak was torn about whether he was or was not the president when he took flight. from what i understand, it took a second phone call from his longtime intelligence chief to inform him he was no longer the president of egypt. of course, when he left, he took all of his secretaries and courtiers and entire staff with him. there was also a certain amount of pride. he emphasized that he had been a servant of egypt for most of his life and that he would not
10:49 pm
be humiliated like the former leader tunisia you had to fly around the mediterranean before someone let him in. that country was ultimately saudi arabia. host: good morning. thank you for waiting. caller: i just want to say the american people are burned out on the middle east. we are tired of our money going over their. you guys don't want to talk about the thousands of coptic christians who have been killed, the 800 churches that have been burned, and yet you still want to keep pouring our money in their. as a christian, american, and a vet, i say pullout, take our money out of there, and if you want to give them food aid, that is it. 9/11, they were all giving out candy.
10:50 pm
they were happy about what happened to america. guest: i understand the sentiments of wanting to come home. it has been a long decade of u.s. involvement in the middle east, beginning with 9/11, the anniversary of which is coming up on tuesday. the uprisings, the intervention in libya. it has been a long and difficult streak for the united states in that part of the world. as far as our money goes in terms of egypt, i think this is money well spent first of all. the money that would go towards the debt relief is money that has already been allocated. and the $1 billion is not actually $1 billion. if you value it on the international debt market, it would certainly be a lot less
10:51 pm
than that. but egypt, investing in egypt -- it is the largest arab country by population. and it is strategically located. and the consequences of a collapse in egypt are far greater than the relatively modest amounts of money that we actually spend their. the caller raised the issue of the coptic christians in egypt. they represent -- best estimates are 9%, 10% of the country. they are well integrated into the political, social, other aspects of the society. but there are tensions. there was an incident between a christian man and a muslim dry cleaner. erupted into a violent episode. this is in many ways something egyptians have been living with for a long time and will continue to live with. it is also the function of the manipulation of the sadat era
10:52 pm
and the mubarak era. there are the worst interpretations of islamic ideology developed for political interest and ultimately it has made it easier to whip up anti-christian sentiment. the real egypt, the egyptians i have come to know and love, are the aegis that you saw in tahrir square during the uprising where it did not matter if you were christian or muslim or male or female, what your political views were. they were demanding change. the most important changes they were demanding more changes for freedom and liberty and justice, things that we all hold dear. host: if you're listening on c- span radio, our guest is steve cook, council on foreign relations. he also worked at the brookings
10:53 pm
institution in washington institution for near east policy. good morning. caller: good morning. that last caller had it right on the head. with the election and stuff, i just cannot see what the american people would change administrations, because when you change administrations, you are changing sectarian states -- secretaries of state and i think this lady is doing a good job. if we elect another republican president we will experience another 9/11. i think right now should hold tight and keep this president in place and role for another four years. thank you. host: one thing is clear. hillary clinton is stepping down regardless of what happens. she has already indicated that. guest: that is what she said. i would not go so far as to say governor romney would have another 9/11.
10:54 pm
i do not think the republican party and george w. bush brought 9/11. but the republican party does have a different view of the issues that confront the united states in the middle east. when it comes to uprisings in egypt and other parts of the world, governor romney has indicated very similar positions and statements -- and made statements similar to what the obama administration has been saying what these uprisings were going on. in particular, governor romney supported president obama's position during the early uprisings. it is true they have different positions on iran. they have a different position when it comes to syria. and the possibility of intervention in syria. but by and large, i think we should separate the rhetoric during the presidential election campaign from foreign policy.
10:55 pm
pretends to be more continuity in american foreign policy -- there tends to be more continuity in american fault -- american foreign policy than you would think if you listen very carefully during the election campaign. host: governor romney said his first foreign trip would be to israel and the middle east. president obama said he would visit israel for the first time since taking office. would either have a different approach? guest: certainly, i think the difference in tone when it comes to israel and the arab-israel conflict. romney is trying to capitalize on the fact that president obama has yet to visit israel. but that is not to say obama has not been a solid, strong supporter of israeli security peeping is released by their own it mission say that -- israeli security. israelis say by their own admission this administration has been better to them.
10:56 pm
this administration has wrapped up intelligence cooperation. the stuxnet virus and other attacks on iranian nuclear program are believed to a been done in coordination between the united states and israel. and the united states has put together a broad based regime of sanctions against the iranians. at the same time, there have been problems with the relationship between added states and israel. much of it is over this question of israeli settlements in the west bank and what that means for, alternately, a two- state solution and peace between israelis and palestinians. certainly cover -- governor romney has a different perspective on that the president obama. i think we are all committed to israeli security, without a doubt.
10:57 pm
host: republican line, tx. quick question? caller: thank you, c-span. i have a perspective that is different. i grew up outside the u.s. my perspective is we let these countries evolve. there is somewhat of a democratic said up -- set up coming up. when we go overbearing and take this neo-colonialist approach that some people perceive over there, i think that is what gets into trouble. host: we just have a minute or two left. your response? guest: i think the right thing to do is to wait for the egyptians, the technicians to -- tunisians to ask us. that is what has happened with the imf. president morsi has specifically asked for money
10:58 pm
from the international monetary fund. but i think the caller is right. there is the perception on behalf of the recipients that there is a neo-colonialist approach. which is why we have to be very careful. host: the state of the relationship between the u.s. and egypt is what? guest: the state of the relationship between united states and egypt will remain good, but the egyptians will attempt to regain their regional influence. that is a long deadline, but that is what it is. host: steve cook, thank you very much for being with us. guest: glad to be your. tomorrow on "washington journal" -- live at 7:00 a.m.
10:59 pm
eastern on c-span. next, "q&a." tomorrow, officials joined on a naon

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